Speaking of design inspiration…


I discovered this amazing shop from an original post by Tulle & Trinkets back in August of last year.  I was taking in some great table top and nursery designs on Sarah’s blog and somehow stumbled on this older post.  I was in love with this picture:

Copyright Tulle and Trinkets, 2014

Copyright Tulle and Trinkets, 2014


Vintage stuff, candles and old books – a perfect vignette!  I knew right off the bat that I had an old measuring cup like that floating around the house, a random item left over from a bushel full of old, rusty kitchen gadgets that we picked up at The Cleveland Flea for $5.  I immediately recognized the orange enamel pourer as my mother had one when I was growing that we always used for syrup during a sit down breakfast.  What a great idea to turn these into candles!  Turns out there’s a lot more and they’re actually available to purchase from Antique Candle Works.  I’ll probably try my hand at one myself, but there are some great vessels from the shop directly that I’d love to get my hands on.Antique Candle Works


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