Wait a minute…what happened to the decorating shows?

carol duvallSaturday morning I had an urge to settle in for a few hours of home decorating and crafting TV. My New Old House project was longing for some well deserved inspiration. While I perused the guide I noticed how completely my favorite line-ups have changed.  And it’s been like this for years now!!  I just never put it all together.  I guess I assumed that the real decorating and crafting shows were now on at some mysterious time when I happened to absolutely never be watching TV.  Looking at the TLC, HGTV and DIY line-ups now, though, drove home the fact that if this continues I will never again learn how to make 10 different holiday decorations from toilet paper rolls from Carol Duvall.  Nor will I watch neighbors get angry with each other because they allowed a decorator to convince the other to cover their fireplace and install a floor to ceiling climbing wall instead (“The ONE thing I said I didn’t want changed was the FIREPLACE!!!”).

christopher lowellAll that we have today are people buying and selling properties or doing “crash” 2-day renovations.  Don’t get me wrong – I love the design style of Joanna Gaines.  I get design inspiration from watching Fixer Upper and Property Brothers and we’ve picked up loads of yard and garden ideas from Yard Crashers.  I really miss the how-to aspect of the old design shows, though.  Watching Christopher Lowell walk you through his step by step theory for designing the perfect space was what I looked forward to on a sick day from work, before I owned a DVR and could fill it up with countless episodes.  Then there was this AMAZING design style show on HGTV, which I unfortunately can’t even remember the name of now, where the host would walk homeowners through a series of selections for finishes, colors, etc and come up with their perfect design style.  I could pick up so many ideas!

trading-spaces-georgetown-mortgageDesign on a Dime, Trading Spaces, the one where they would redocrate a room for under $500…..sure, there were some misses here and there and to watch them now they would probably be pretty dated, but to me there were so many more ideas – so much more to fill my design toolkit!  I always wanted to be an interior designer and these were my little windows into how I could make that a reality, even if it would just me in my own little corner of the world.

Now – the craft shows!  There is not a single crafting TV show that I can find today with the possible exception of Sewing with Nancy on PBS (I haven’t looked – I just assume it’s still on).  Before you could find kitsch crafts, sewing, a little bit of everything from Carol Duvall, knitting – even jewelry on the DIY network.  There was this magical thing called VARIETY.

Today’s saving grace?  Pinterest….where former decorating and craft show junkies turn for support and ideas in this generation.  Thank god – I will never run out of things to do with my toilet paper rolls again.

(Please note, I really don’t do crafts with my toilet paper rolls.  I did once try to organize my beads and jewelry supplies with them, but that’s another story.  A much less successful story.)


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