How “The Voice” infiltrated my life.

There are two reality contest shows that I would say I actually look forward to watching.  The first is So You Think You Can Dance.  After 13 years of ballet, tap and jazz training as a girl there’s no way I could NOT watch that show.  I feel like every week you get to witness at least one piece of art.  The second is not nearly so noble.  I’m not sure if it really counts since it basically presents the same contenders, or some combination thereof, season after season after season.  Yep – I’m a long time MTV Challenge addict.  While my interest ebbs and flows depending on the castmates signed on to participate in any given season, I think it’s safe to say that it will take a little while for me to walk away from that one for good – unless C.T. never comes back.  That might make it a easier.  But I digress…

brian johnsonBased on the title, though, this post is actually about The Voice – a reality contest that I never expected I would sit down and watch.  I don’t particularly like singing shows.  I have never watched a season of American Idol.  I appreciate the fact that I will never sing like that and that it requires skill, training and practice but I get bored – quickly.  So how is it possible The Voice has managed to work it’s way into my weekly routine?  It’s because of this guy – Brian Johnson.  When I started at my new job back in November, Brian was actually just on his way back from taping the initial rounds of the Voice.  By last month, he was leaving his position at my organization to pursue his music career – making all of us pretty optimistic that he was making it to the live playoff rounds (which I didn’t even really understand at the time).  The energy both from Brian and from the rest of my co-workers about him is contagious.  You can’t help but get wrapped up in the competition and hold your breath waiting to see if he’ll move forward.  Adam Levine hit the nail on the head this past week when he talked about how Brian just truly wants to sing.  If there’s anything that I can say about Brian, just from observing him indirectly for that period of time, it is that he is absolutely everything you see him portrayed as on the show.  He is sweet, friendly, open and authentic.  I’m excited to watch someone so real get to pursue their passion at such a level.

Unfortunately for me, though, this means that every Monday and Tuesday I’ve been on my DVR watching a voice contest that, without Brian, I really wouldn’t have much interest in.  I see the same characters and hear the same songs and approaches week in and week out.  It’s just not for me but somehow it’s insidious.  I now find myself stopping on the radio every time I hear that new Maroon 5 song.  I catch myself singing the chorus to a cover from the prior episode randomly for days at a time.  And I stop to watch videos like the one below, featuring Adam Levine and Jimmy Fallon, when I should really be digging into my jewelry or cleaning the house instead.

SIDEBAR:  It certainly isn’t without reason to think that I actually would have watched this video, regardless of the Voice, because Jimmy Fallon is a genius and anything that is trending that has his name on it is sure to be a win.

So now, I’ll spend the rest of my Sunday trying to get some momentum going.  First I better check and make sure my DVR is ready for tomorrow night, though, with it being the top 12 and all…..


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