The Habit of Habit

Well, I need to get back into the blog space but I didn’t expect to kick-off like this.  Without regard, though, it is one of those moments that a facebook status cannot cover and that cannot sit and fester in my head all day.

I had a phenomenal weekend.  I was feeling happy and accomplished and really content with where the family and my closest relationships were.  And like being interrupted after an hour of reading a great book, I have been snapped back to “reality”.  I’m a little shell-shocked.

So this “reality”, which I will continue to put into quotes, is the big crux right now.  Does “reality” have to include constant stress about what the kids may or may not have done wrong?  Do I need to hold my breath every time I’m presented with the word “So……”, waiting for the other shoe to drop?  Do I need to leave Bryan feeling like he’s left holding a big stinky bag of life without any relief or support?  My heart answers all those questions with a big resounding “NO!  Absolutely not!”.  My brain seems to be getting in the way and having a hard time catching up (or vice versa depending on the day).

So……I’m kicking off my blog again.  Not exactly how I expected but in a moment of clarity nonetheless.  Here are a couple of reminders, primarily for myself, as I try to wade back into the too-cold waters of our daily routine.

  • Emotions are fleeting. A statement may be met with an emotional reaction but it is just a moment.  The anxiety around kicking up those emotions cannot have any more control over me.
  • The plan for our family that we’re working towards is important and it makes sense and if my stupid brain would step in at the right times and let rationale thinking take over more often than not the stress that I’m creating for myself will fade away.
  • I was able to create a happiness habit. I am starting to create a fitness habit.  I can just as easily create a supportive habit and provide what my family, and most importantly my husband, really, really needs right now.
  • In the end, our reality is right there for the taking. I just have to get out of the damn way.

Here’s to me getting out of the way today and creating more new, positive habits.


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