My yarn on the streets of Manchester.

Bryan and I came across a great page posting events and art out of the U.K. a while back.  The Yarnbomb Consortium, in their words, “is an international collaborative urban yarn-work Initiative” as well as a page with a great eye for cool, visual treats.

Right before my birthday I saw a post in my news feed calling for knitted or crocheted squares for a big street art project that was underway.  Hmmm….I could throw together a couple of squares pretty quickly.  So, that’s exactly what I did.


I love to crochet and I wish I had more time for it.  I tried to learn from my Grammy when I was little but I could never figure out anything but a basic chain.  I could make chains for days.  A number of years ago I was finally able to spend some time with my Mom to learn again.  I’m a lefty in a family or rightys so that makes it extra hard but eventually I started putting it all together.  I make mostly scarves.  I just don’t have the attention span for an afghan or anything.  Granny squares are another simple, quick project that I enjoy so this was perfect!

Here’s where they ended up:


I wish I could pick them out.  I could pretend that I know exactly where they are but I honestly can’t even figure out the scale to know where to start.  I do know that they’re there, though, and that’s pretty cool in the end.  We’ll see where this winds up in the coming weeks, now.


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