Opertion Stopthefuckingdeer

I’ve mentioned we have a deer problem.  Well…..shit got serious the other day.  The attack on a large portion of our wonderful, amazing garden began Monday and snowballed from there.  We’ve started taking any number of precautions.

Did I mention our neighbors insist on feeding the giant rodents?  Well….we’ve taken a greater issue with that as of late.  Bryan’s attempting to get electronic proof of what’s happening and was staked out in the treehouse this evening.  When we came back inside and I looked at my phone, here’s what I found in a string of text messages:

“hello my love.  Operation stopfeedingthefuckingdeer is in progress.  No sign of activity yet.  I think the scouts are suspicious of spy activity in the area.  The beast is prowling the grounds and trying to maintain a protected perimeter.  Maybe you can retrieve the hound.  He may be alerting the enemy of my position.

Also, I think the enemy has changed the time they lay their mines in an attempt to throw us off of the scent of their diabolical plan. They have given the appearance of bumbling fools, but that just may be a cunning disguise.

A snickerdoodle just looked me in the eye and said “rat-a-tusk” and ran away.”

This is just one of the reasons why I absolutely adore my husband.


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