Flashback: Warped Tour 2008 – The Horrorpops

The Horrorpops at the Cleveland Warped Tour 2008

The Horrorpops at the Cleveland Warped Tour 2008

I don’t know if The Horrorpops really got a lot of love at the Warped Tour here in Cleveland. I don’t think a lot of the people there really got them.

I like psychobilly. I’m not always prepared for it in large doses but I like the aesthetic of it. The Horrorpops didn’t disappoint me. I had first heard of them a few years ago on Rancid Radio, I believe. I loved the whole look of them. The retro look that goes along with the genre is right up my alley. I never got out and bought an album, though. I guess it was out of mind just as quickly at that time.

I loved them live. I was completely surprised that Patricia Day played the upright bass (I hadn’t seen them play yet). She rocks – she’s tough and hot and feels like she’ll at least speak sweetly to you while she’s kicking you ass. Nekroman is a great matching front man for her. I love the play of the two of them together. I don’t think too many people in the crowd appreciated that – I think a lot of them were jammed in there waiting for the rest of the acts that would be on that stage later. But hopefully their stuff stuck with some of them.

The best part? A band called Automatic Loveletter, who to me looked and, for the 3 minutes I listened to, sounded like another cookie-cutter emo-pop-psuedo-punk outfit*, was supposed to be playing on the stage next to Hurley.com immediately after The Horrorpops. The Horrorpops were running a little behind and they certainly didn’t seem to care. Automatic Loveletter came out to start their set and at the same time The Horrorpops started up their last song. AL was left standing on the stage looking like idiots for a good 5 minutes at least – it was great. It was just nice to see some of the punks come out on top for a change.

*I have a number of those bands on my playlists so I’m not really knocking them. We found a new one that we really like, Between the Trees, at the tour this year. I’m just getting tired of them making up SO much of the Warped Tour line-ups.


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