Flashback: Now there’s just enough fluff in my TV schedule.

I’ve been watching some reasonably enjoyable TV as of late. The big stuff is missing, obviously, but I managed to fill enough time in my week to keep me from going through withdrawal. Eli Stone is a keeper, even though we’re 4 weeks behind (thanks to Mark) and Jericho was fun while it lasted. I had my quota of reality TV watching Real World/Road Rules challenge (and I still can’t understand why I subject myself to that anymore) and World’s Best Dance Crew (JabbaWockeeZ is AMAZING). I even have educational programming – somehow I’m completely sucked into Escape to Chimp Eden. I really didn’t feel like I was missing anything.

And then I watched the Greek season premiere (insert obligatory Cappie photo here):
New cappie

Towards the end of the episode, when Cappie, Casey and Evan all converge on the kissing booth at the same time and I yelled out loud it hit me – this was exactly what I needed. The teen drama section on my DVR has been completley empty. Without the likes of Buffy or Veronica Mars anymore I didn’t have anything on the list that had the right amount of fluff. New Degrassi episodes seem to air inconsistently and their topics try to be too heavy to fit the bill. Friday Night Lights has the relationship drama but isn’t unrealistic enough to qualify.

This episode of Greek, though, was exactly what I was looking for – and thank goodness because the to do list on my DVR is conspicuously empty.


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