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From Blakow! Must be Tuesday:  A Buffy Inspired Collection

From Blakow! Must be Tuesday: A Buffy Inspired Collection

They Got the Mustard Out —find more at Blakow! An etsy treasury featuring…. Beaded Headband – Must… bethanylorelle $22.50 Beer. Hops, barley and … toybreaker $40.00 Lyra…Mustard yellow m… cocoricooo $44.00 Yellow and green, flowe… bomobob $21.00 Mustard seed cross neck… nefferyoj $7.00 Felted necklace with w… joannafelt $23.90 Bow Headband in Mustard… YesJess $10.00 … Continue reading

  • We're updating old Buffy costumes over on Polyvore:  21st Century Slayer...mamasamess
  • I'm obsessed with Pinterest:  mamasamess
This used to be my only home on wordpress, the center of my little fangirl universe. Since the beginning a lot has changed! You can still find some archived popular posts here, but the real good stuff is going on over at Blakow! - the new home of Mama's a Mess. Right alongside Odd Papa as it should be, we're talking about everything. The same fangirl stuff I used to post plus more about our crazy life, our art, style and everything in between. Check it out today!

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